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Dean's Newsletter from Robert Alexander González

January 7, 2022

Dear friends,

Happy New Year and congratulations to our SA+P graduates! We completed another pandemic semester, and we are ever so grateful that we were able to come together in person for this one; we completed it entirely face-to-face, and despite a few bumps and hiccups—it felt great!

A big thank you to our faculty and staff, who worked tirelessly to deliver a seamless Fall Semester. Another is owed to SA+P Fabrications Lab coordinator and artist, Kirsten Angerbauer, for welcoming us back into Pearl Hall with her exhibition, Between Sound and Silence. “Created during the isolation of the pandemic,” Angerbauer shares, “the exhibition was a reflection and mediation on the uncertainty and silence felt by many, combined with the constant hum of information, media, and data.”

As a new Dean, who missed experiencing Pearl Hall in its full glory last year, I appreciated every single moment of its enlivenment, from Angerbauer’s exhibition to another one displayed on the Crit Bridge, the heart of the building. Showcasing Martineztown, this exhibit was curated by former dean Geraldine Forbes Isais and Professor of Practice Baker Morrow, and it captured the legacy of this historic village of Albuquerque. As student work slowly made its way onto the Crit Bridge, all came slowly back into place, complete with a touching Day of the Dead altar installation in November, beautifully crafted by Historic Preservation Director and Senior Lecturer III Francisco Uviña-Contreras.

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