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The Jeff Harnar Award: Featuring Alberto Kalach

George Pearl Hall /

The School of Architecture and Planning will be hosting the annual Jeff Harnar Awards on Feb 28, 2020. The featured speaker will be Alberto Kalach, renowned Mexican architect known for his work as principal of "TAX" or Taller de Arquitectura "X"

Career Fair for SA+P

George Pearl Hall /

UNM School of Architecture and Planning Career Fair


SA+P presents: Keller Easterling

George Pearl Hall /

Keller Easterling, Professor, Yale School of Architecture presents:

"Medium Design"


Abstract Architects and urbanists have joined journalists, social scientists, lawyers, economists, artists, and others in exploring rampant forms of global development. Formulaic, repeatable spaces—from networks of free zone world cities to distended urban peripheries—introduce some of most radical changes to this now hotter, wetter globalizing world. These spaces and the powers that preside over them have often become political superbugs, surviving against all odds to generate unchecked concentrations of power, extremes of inequality, and climate cataclysms. Spatial practitioners, as perplexed as any who explore these conditions, may nevertheless offer to the allied disciplines some forms with which to design—to actually manipulate that physical world.


SA+P presents: Thomas Nideroest and Sourav Biswas, Sasaki Associates

George Pearl Hall /


Sourav Kumar Biswas, Landscape Planner & Spatial Analyst at Sasaki Associates, Founding Member International Landscape Collaborative (ILC).

Thomas Nideroest, Landscape Architect at Sasaki Associates, Founding Member International Landscape Collaborative (ILC).

Using the ‘Landscape Approach’ to frame Water Resilience

Part of the SA+P Spring Lecture Series: Intersections, and a recognized 1 credit hour course in the Landscape Architecture Continuing Education program (LA CES)


The era of the Anthropocene is defined by the pervasive and irreversible imprint of humanity on atmospheric, ecological, geological, and hydrological systems. While human civilization has been nourished and sustained by water, the impact of human action and climate change has led water to simultaneously become a scarce resource or a destructive agent. The ILC promotes the ‘Landscape Approach’ as a method to build resilience by reconciling the landscape and its socio-ecological linkages with the design of urban form, infrastructure, and territorial systems. The presentation will feature projects from Los Angeles and Chennai – two metropolitan regions with more than 10 million people growing in distinct hydrologic contexts. Thomas will present the extensive hydraulic investments that sustain urbanization in the arid southwest and their systemic vulnerabilities in the face of climate change. Sourav will present landscape-based propositions in Chennai that increase water resilience for a coastal city that faces both extreme flooding and water scarcity. These two case-studies will make the case of multi-scalar thinking, and nature-based solutions to address urban and regional water issues. The projects are featured on two publications by the ILC – ‘From the South: Global Perspectives on Landscape and Territory’ and ‘The Sponge Handbook: Chennai’.