Degree + Certificates

The School’s academic and professional programs are deeply rooted in the traditions and environments of the region—an unparalleled cultural heritage, diverse and resplendent natural landscapes, the unique urban settlements of Albuquerque and Santa Fe, and the stimulating climates of the arid Southwest.

Undergraduate Offerings

At the undergraduate level, the School currently offers two pre-professional degree programs:

Bachelor of Arts in Architecture (BAA)                                               ARCH   Catalog


            Design Studies

            Concentration in Landscape Architecture

Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Planning and Design (BAEPD)     CRP      Catalog

            Community Transformation and Placemaking

            Concentration in Landscape Architecture

Concentrations + Minors

            UG Minor in Architecture                                                       ARCH   Catalog

            UG Minor in Design Studies                                                    ARCH   Catalog

            UG Minor in CRP                                                                     CRP      Catalog

            UG Minor in Landscape Architecture                                     LA        Catalog

Graduate Offerings

The School offers the state’s only professional, graduate degrees in these following fields:

Master of Architecture (M Arch)                                                        ARCH   Catalog

            Track 2

            Track 3

Master of Science in Architecture (M Arch)                                       ARCH   Catalog

            Climate Change and the Built Environment

            Culture, Politics, and the Built Environment

            Historic Preservation and Regionalism

            Public Health and the Built Environment

Master of Community + Regional Planning (MCRP)                           CRP      Catalog

            Community Development

            Indigenous Planning

            Natural Resources and Environmental Planning

            Physical Planning and Design

Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA)                                          LA        Catalog



Graduate Certificate in Historic Preservation and Regionalism         LA        Catalog

Graduate Certificate in Urban Innovation                                          ARCH   Catalog

Graduate Certificate in Indigenous Planning                                     CRP      Catalog

Concentrations + Minors

            Graduate Minor in CRP                                                           CRP      Catalog

Joint Degrees in CRP

Master of Community and Regional Planning                                    CRP      Catalog

            + MA in Latin American Studies

            + Master of Public Administration

            + Master of Water Resources