Dean's Circle

Glenn Fellows, older bald man with grey goatee

Glenn Fellows, FAIA

Dean's Circle President

Keith Greer

Development Officer
(505) 277-5885

The Dean's Circle is a member-driven organization dedicated to promoting and supporting the mission of the School of Architecture + Planning. Through the Circle, individual and corporate members contribute their knowledge and expertise to advance the goals of the School, the larger community, and the state.


Membership of the Circle reflects the diversity of interest in both the process of design and planning and the importance of design quality. Broad representation by the professions involved in shaping the built environment and community leaders representing the beneficiaries of good design is critical to the success of the Circle. The Circle convenes three times during the year. These meetings serve as a forum for the introduction and discussion of issues and the identification of priorities.

Funds from Circle membership are used to support emerging needs at the School, including faculty-directed student travel, student internships, events, and special programs. To learn more about the Circle and its members, contact Keith Greer at (505) 277-5885.

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Meet our Dean's Circle Members

Photo: Elena Agustin

Elena Agustin

Photo: Jon Anderson

Jon Anderson

Photo: Susan Nelson Anderson

Susan Nelson Anderson

Photo: Carlota Baca

Carlota Baca

Photo: Tamarah Begay

Tamarah Begay

Photo: Randall Bell

Randall Bell

Photo: Jamie Blosser

Jamie Blosser

George Carver, old man wearing a black cowboy hat and a bowtie

George Carver

GSandra Donner

Sandra Donner

Photo: Alexander Dzurec

Alexander Dzurec

Sanjay Engineer, middle eastern man with grey hair and beard

Sanjay Engineer

Photo: Glenn Fellows

Glenn Fellows

Photo: Cynthia Figueroa-McInteer

Cynthia Figueroa-McInteer

Photo: Kenneth Francis

Kenneth Francis

benjamin gardner, older man with grey hair and glasses standing in front of a brick wall

Benjamin H. Gardner

Photo: Steffany Hollingsworth

Steffany Hollingsworth

Photo: James Horn

James Horn

Photo: Alfred Kahn

Alfred Kahn

Photo: Joseph Kunkel

Joseph Kunkel

Photo: Ceclia Levine

Ceclia Levine

Photo: Bill Moye

Bill Moye

Photo: Laurie Moye

Laurie Moye

Photo: Nancy Ouimet

Nancy Ouimet

Photo: Toby Pugh

Toby Pugh

Photo: Tania Schwartz

Tania Schwartz

Photo: Edith Cherry and Jim See

Edith Cherry and Jim See

Photo: Matthew Segura

Matthew Segura

Photo: Heidi Steele

Heidi Steele

Photo: Mary Stills

Mary Stills

Photo: Nitish Suvarna

Nitish Suvarna

Photo: Simone Swan

Simone Swan

Marie Wilkinson

Marie Wilkinson

Photo: Stephen Williams

Stephen Williams

Photo: Kurt Young

Kurt Young

Photo: Dale Zinn

Dale Zinn