Faculty Research Support

Getting Started

UNM’s Faculty Research Development Office has resources such as training, funding links, proposal preparation and budget assistance, Streamlyne records, institutional facts, templates and common boilerplate, links to SciENcv for NSF and NIH documents and information on limited competitions, to help faculty develop research projects and obtain grants. Request a consultation by using the Request Research Support button. SA+P’s research support officer is Elizabeth Furu, efuru@unm.edu.

Searching for Grants

UNM has many resources to assist faculty find funding to support their research. These can be found here. Faculty often use PIVOT, a funding database to search for grants. Elizabeth Furu offers a short PIVOT training, efuru@unm.edu.

Submitting a Proposal

A faculty research support officer assists faculty members developing grant budgets and submitting the proposal. UNM uses Streamlyne as its platform for grant proposal review. Prior to submitting an external grant proposal or professional contract, the proposal must be approved by the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP).

Faculty request assistance for proposal development support using the link below. Faculty can also request editing assistance and assistance developing graphics for proposals.

Request Research Support

Grant Administration and Research Funding Support

When you have funds for research, you work with Becca Vásquez for purchases, reimbursements, travel authorization, and hiring research or graduate assistance, or undergraduate researchers. When you begin a new project it, make an appointment with Becca, rjvasquez@unm.edu to get started.

Research-Related Travel

Please use the linked forms when arranging travel.

This form is used both to receive authorization to travel from your supervisor/Dept. Chair and/or other authorized signer (PI, Dean, etc.) AND to request travel arrangements to be made on your behalf.

Pre-Travel Approval and Reservation Request Form

Instructions for completing the Pre-Travel Approval and Reservation Request Form

This form is a request to be reimbursed for allowable out of pocket expenses during travel. It is processed after you return.

Post-Travel Reimbursement Form for Out of Pocket Expenses

Purchases and Reimbursements

The form below is used to request a purchase of goods, services, or vendor payment (ex: consultants, honorariums, etc.) OR to request a reimbursement for goods, services, or vendor payments.

Purchase and Reimbursement Request Form

Hiring Students

This form is used to request a student employment or graduate assistantship hire. Note that processing student hires takes a minimum of 21 days. If you are hiring a post doc or staff member, set up a time to meet with Becca. This form does not apply.