SP - Goal Four

SA+P Mission Statement

The School’s mission is to provide an excellent educational experience that is inspired by a solid base of scholarship, research, and professional practice. The academic philosophy of the School is keyed to three primary objectives: to elevate the aesthetic, ethical, and theoretical foundations of our professionals; to understand the significance of ecological and social conditions in planning and design; and to be responsive to the culture and history of New Mexico and the region. The faculty of the School is committed to increasing public awareness of the importance of the natural and built environment and the relationship of design to societal needs and aspirations.

SA+P Vision Statement

The vision for the School of Architecture and Planning is to develop leaders who understand, visualize, design, and plan responsible and inclusive futures for people in a water-scarce and culturally rich region.

Goal Four: Sustainability

  • Campus Health + Safety For All
  • Staff Wellness Support
  • Staff Lounge
  • Faculty Wellness Support
  • Faculty Lounge
  • Student Wellness Support
  • Student Mental Health
  • Student Wellness Support Spaces
  • Accessible Education Spaces
  • Rethink George Pearl Hall Overall Use
  • Building Updated
  • SA+P Environmental Impact
  • SA+P Energy Use
  • SA+P Water Use
  • Solar Energy @ George Pearl Hall
  • Recycling Policies
  • Arboretum
  • Development
  • Endowments
  • Donors
  • Funding Matches
  • Grants + Other Funding Streams
  • Advocates
  • Faculty I&G + Endowments
  • Inter-Departmental Leveraging
  • Multi-Year Budgeting
  • Scheduled Fundraising
  • Dean?s Circle
  • Alumni Events
  • Legislative Asks
  • Strategic Plan Fundraising
  • Resources Fundraising
  • Research Fundraising
  • Development Office