About the FabLab

The fabrications laboratory supports students and faculty in the exploration, investigation, and education of material research including wood, metals, plastics and concrete. The 3200-square-foot fabrications laboratory plays an integral role in day to day student work as well as faculty research.

The lab is equipped with state of the art computer controlled (CNC) machines including a 3-axis CNC router, a CNC plasma cutter, and three medium format laser cutters. The lab also houses a state of the art woodshop and dedicated metal shop.  The lab is overseen by the Director, and is staffed by a fulltime Lab Manager, Shop Supervisor, as well as part time Graduate Assistants and Undergraduate students who instruct and guide students in the use of the equipment. All users must attend an intensive 4 hour training to gain access to the fabrications lab.

For information about the Center for Research in Advanced Fabrication and Technology (CRAF+T), click here.