CRP Professor Jennifer L. Tucker discusses her new book, “Outlaw Capital”

February 28, 2024

outlaw capital book cover

Last month, Community and Regional Planning Associate Professor Jennifer L. Tucker sat down with Malini Ranganathan and Teo Ballvé to discuss her new book, Outlaw Capital: Everyday Illegalities and the Making of Uneven Development. The book investigates the underground economies that have shaped development and culture in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay. An ethnography of the largest contraband economy in the Americas, Outlaw Capital highlights how transgressive economies and gray spaces are central to globalized capitalism.

Watch the conversation, hosted by the UNM Latin American & Iberian Institute, here.

Jennifer L. Tucker is an associate professor of Community and Regional Planning at the University of New Mexico. Her research focuses on urban inequality, social justice struggles and the frontiers of racial capitalism in the Americas.

Malini Ranganathan is an associate professor in the School of International Service at American University. She is a scholar of urban environmental justice interested in the political economy of land, labor, and ecology in the capitalist city.

Teo Ballvé is an Associate Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies and Geography at Colgate University. His research has focused on the drug trade, conflict, rural development, and right-wing politics in the Americas.

Learn more about Outlaw Capital here.