AIAS Relieving Home Competition Winners Announced

May 16, 2014

The competition, which was created by Dr. Kaye Brown with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, challenged students to generate new ideas for renovating a single-family building in order to support an elderly homeowner’s desire to age in place. Student designers faced the real-world situation of core concerns pushing concepts in opposite directions, a critical aspect of the practice that is often hard to master. All of the winners managed to balance the conflicts presented in real-world design practice, a mastery that shows through their diverse yet exquisite projects for aging-in-place.

Winning submissions included:

Brooke Borelli and David Raschka, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, “Reimagined Tranquility” – First Place ($2,500)
Ryan Shortridge, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, “A Home for a Clothier” – Second Place ($2,000)
Lisa DeMar, University of New Mexico, “Path, Place, Clarity” – Third Place ($1,300)

Chapter Awards:

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee ($700)
University of New Mexico ($100)

Honorable mentions ($300) were awarded to: Nicole Eder, Lydia Gallo, and JungHa Lee, Cornell University, “Stratification”; Stephen Bontly, University of New Mexico, “”Protecting Memories”; Connor Coleman, University of New Mexico, “New Growth”.

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