2022 Jeff Harnar Award Winners

April 21, 2022

The JEFF HARNAR AWARDS program was created by Garrett Thornburg in 2007 to honor the memory of Jeff Harnar and help continue his groundbreaking work in the area of contemporary design. In 2018, the award program was expanded to include Unbuilt Work and Landscape Architecture. In 2020-21, the program was further expanded to include the following six categories:

  • Contemporary Architecture in the Southwest
  • An Outstanding New Mexico Designer
  • Unbuilt Architecture
  • Unbuilt Landscape Architecture
  • Student Architecture Award
  • Student Landscape Architecture Award

The University of New Mexico School of Architecture and the Thornburg Foundation wish to congratulate the 2022 Jeff Harnar Award winners.  Read the full story about the 2022 Jeff Harnar Award Winners.