To Our Community

June 3, 2020

We are incensed by and condemn the recent killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, and the recurring militarized policing tactics.

We decry by the structural inequities in our health care systems, built environment, and society that have resulted in the disproportionate death and illness from Covid-19, and other diseases, in native nations, communities of color, people without housing, and amongst immigrants.

We are, yet again, heartbroken.

We stand with Black Lives Matter and those who lift their voices and take action, yet again, to demand an end to police violence, and an end to racism in all its forms.

We, and our professional organizations, acknowledge that our professions, through actions and inactions, have contributed to inequities and discrimination, and that the professions continue to lack robust diversity. We must take an active role in eliminating the racial biases that account for social, economic, health disparities and deaths.

We know that statements of support are insufficient, and heed the call to action.

We must join with others to do the work.  We take pride in how you, our students, faculty, alums and friends, fight for justice within and outside our professional work. We call on each of us and each of you to challenge racism in and through our professional roles and projects. Together we can help transform our education and practices, and help build just communities and societies.




Mark Childs, Interim Dean School of Architecture and Planning

Katya Crawford, Associate Dean for Student Life & Chair of Landscape Architecture

Caroline Scruggs, Associate Dean for Research

Michaele Pride, Special Assistant to the Dean for Equity and Inclusion

Renia Ehrenfeucht, Chair of Community and Regional Planning

John Quale, Chair of Architecture

 Francisco Uviña-Contreras, Director of Historic Preservation and Regionalism

Jennifer Tucker, Assistant Professor, Community & Regional Planning

Kristen Angerbauer, SAAP Staff

Ellie Kerbleski, SAAP Staff

Karen J. King, Principal Lecturer III / RA

Claudia B. Issac, Professor, Community and Regional Planning

Miquela Ortiz Upston, SAAP Staff

Allen Griffith

Gabriel Fries-Briggs, Assistant Professor of Architecture

Kathleen Kambic, Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture

Baker H. Morrow, Professor of Practice

Chris Wilson, Regents Professor of Landscape Architecture, Emeritus

Yang Yang, Visiting Assistant Professor of Architecture

Lani Tsinnajinnie, Assistant Professor of Community and Regional Planning

Alexander Webb, Associate Professor of Emergent Technology



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