1975 M.Arch Alumni passes

April 6, 2020

The School of Architecture and Planning regrets to inform on of the passing of 1975 M.Arch alumnus Bashirul Haq.

From a tribute published with The Daily Star, "Haq's journey to the United States played a formative role in his career development. He received his Master's degree in architecture from the University of New Mexico in 1975. The south-western American state of New Mexico sensitised him to the transformative influence of landscape on aesthetic development. In this state, the famed American artist Georgia O'Keeffe was deeply inspired by the phenomenology of layered limestone cliffs, rugged mountains, rock formations, and the meditative dance of light across them. Haq, too, experienced firsthand in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and beyond the introspective power of a place and how its paradigmatic adobe architecture could embody the spirit of a unique terrain."

Read the full tribute to Haq here.