Highlands Skybridge Winners Announced

February 10, 2020

The winners of the Highlands SkyBridge Design Competition sponsored by AIAS UNM and Titan Development were announced this week. The top three competitors each received awards: $2,000 to first place, $1,000 for second and $500 for third. The competition called for the design of the Highlands SkyBridge by the UNM School of Architecture and Planning to create a dynamic and iconic facade.

The Highlands SkyBridge will span Central Avenue, just east of downtown. It will connect the Presbyterian Hospital to The Highlands development across Central Ave. The competition called for the design of perforated panels that will be applied to the western facade of the bridge, and lighting design. The design concept from the first place winners will be used in the final installation.



Bridger Hendzel and Alexander Stone, “Liminality”


“Nothing heavy belongs in the sky. The sky is meant for flight and is commonly associated with a sense of weightlessness and an unobstructed view. Through a pattern of thin gradating breaks, the metal panels allow the users to look out allowing them to be seen from the street below. The pattern provide [sic] a relief from the evening sun, while allowing for an uninterrupted view of our iconic sunsets as well as a unique vantage point towards Downtown Albuquerque. Just because it’s heavy, doesn't mean it can’t feel light.”


Arthur Modine, “Albuquerque Sky Bridge”


Albuquerque Sky Bridge

“Sunrise is often associated with a feeling of hope or a new beginning, and both the Presbyterian Hospital and the Ronald McDonald Hose uphold these ideals, allowing the architecture to connect the structures through a common ideal represented through design. Inspired by a sunrise over the Sandia Mountains, this proposal for the skybridge connecting the Marriot Hotel and Ronald McDonald house to the Presbyterian Hospital is immovably grounded in the surrounding Albuquerque context. The design solutions embraces a large scale, hand-painted effect, while at the same time remaining elegant and subtle.”



Diana Duran and Tania Nevarez, “Skybridge Design Competition”

“Albuquerque is rich in culture and traditions. This bridge reinforce [sic] the contemporary side of a growing city. Albuquerque is recognized as one of the most culturally diverse cities in the United States. It is full of countless traditions and customs that passed over generation, making them part of the unique tapestry that is their people. The texture bridge panels draw from traditional patterns and designs originated from pottery. This design welcomes locals and visitors to Route 66 and New Mexico”.


The submitted boards, including the winning pieces, will be on display on February 10, 2020 on the critique bridge.