SA+P Faculty and Students honored at AIA Albuquerque Design Awards

January 3, 2020


Faculty and students from the School of Architecture and Planning were honored at the 2019 AIA Albuquerque Design Awards.


Dean emeriti Geraldine Forbes Isais and Roger Schulntz were among those honored at the Design Awards Banquet. 


Both of the former deans were honored with awards for the work with not only the school, but their contributions to the architectural field and community. Forbes Isais, (left) was the recipient of the 'Outstanding Leadership' award, and Schluntz received a 'Lifetime Achievement' award. 


A third recognition for the school was given to the AFRL Maker Lab Express Team. The team received a merit award under the small architectural project category for their work. 

4 adult men standing holding certificates

Pictured are team members Eric Santti, Associate Dean Tim Castillo, Prof. Stephen Mora, and Kurtis McCurdy. 



Congratulations to all those involved, nominated, and honored at the 2019 AIA Design Awards!



Find the full 2019 AIA Design Awards Program here.

Award Recipients and Photos