Freire merges architecture and geography in unique doctoral program

December 2, 2015 - Carolyn Gonzales

'Making is a love letter to the planet'

When administrators, faculty and staff from the University of New Mexico decided to provide doctoral education programs for faculty members from Ecuador, everyone knew it would require creativity and conviction.

It also requires those same traits – and a lot of fortitude – on the part of the students. Ursula Freire is an architecture professor from Universidad Central del Ecuador (UCE) in Quito. She earned both her undergraduate and master’s in architecture from the same institution where she teaches. Her Ph.D. program – in Latin American Studies – is distinctive and tailor made to her needs: it draws courses, faculty and advisement from both architecture and geography, neither of which currently offers a doctorate. Seventy percent of her coursework is in architecture and 30 percent in geography.

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