UNM School of Architecture & Planning helps in Innovate Albuquerque

April 1, 2015 - Dusty Deermam

The UNM School of Architecture and Planning has a rather big hand in the workings of Innovate ABQ. Dean Geraldine Forbes Isais joined us Wednesday morning with a look at what the school is doing to contribute to the project, and community over all. The UNM School of Architecture and Planning held a City Council meeting at the school in 2012 so the councilors could understand how the school aids communities, including distressed downtown areas. As a result, City Lab was created.

The school has had a permanent presence in downtown Albuquerque at City Lab, located on the corner of Central and 5th St. The lab is where students can focus on urban design, architecture and innovation. Much of what is taught in the school’s classrooms and studios informs the focus of Innovate ABQ.

Keep an eye out for what Innovate ABQ and UNM are doing together, some big changes are headed our way.

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