Shipping Container Villages and More Dreams of Architect, Travis Price

March 18, 2015 - Michelle Goldchain

Travis Price has a dream, a dream that anyone can move from city to city and still live in the same home. In his words:
I have these visions of building steel frames around the country, with jack-pump elevators plugging and unplugging shipping containers. Say you want to move from Chicago to Atlanta — I unplug my entire house, it goes down the elevator, onto a track and three months later I'm living in the same house.

How exactly is this even possible? With homes made out of shipping containers, Price is making this a reality. Already, Washington, D.C. has one residential development in Brookland made from the reusable materials with another development planned in Rosedale. In an Q&A with The Washington Post, Travis Price gives an in-depth look at what inspired him to begin using shipping containers as a medium and what his goals are for the future of shipping container homes.

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