SA+P students lead B'nai Israel to be listen on Register of Historical Places

November 18, 2019

Starting with an "academic exercise," SA+P students were led by Historian Steven Moffson to list the B’nai Israel synagogue on the National Register of Historic Places. Their efforts made B'nai Israel to be the only synagogue in New Mexico to make the list. Journalist Rick Nathanson covers their story in a recent article from the Albuquerque Journal: 

B'nai Israel: Cultural Treasure

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Recently listed on the New Mexico and National Registers of Historic Places, the Congregation B’nai Israel’s 500-seat sanctuary is 100 feet in diameter and 43 feet in height, with a roof shaped like a ribbed tent, supported by 12 laminated fir beams, each weighing over 5,000 pounds.

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