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INAH Sonora and UNM SA+P promote the preservation of land architecture

June 11, 2018 - Sonora Hoy

The International Workshop on the Conservation and Restoration of Earth Architecture (TICRAT) begins in Pecos, New Mexico
This binational space allows us to join efforts in the preservation of a shared heritage
Pecos, New Mexico, June 13, 2018.- Mexico and the United States reaffirm their commitment to the preservation of cultural heritage through the creation of spaces for participation and conservation of built heritage, as reflected in the International Workshop on Conservation and Restoration of Earth Architecture (TICRAT) to be held from June 13 to 15 in Pecos, New Mexico.
This workshop has been carried out over the last 25 years as a binational cooperation space, allowing the valuation of the cultural heritage of land from the pre-Hispanic and the historical, as well as collaboration with universities on both sides of the border, generating participatory processes and formative as main objectives.
The land architecture represents an important component of the cultural heritage of the geographical region of the border area between Mexico and the United States, hence its importance of preservation, as a constructive tradition is carried out before La Conquista until the current times, which is reflects in temples, homes, haciendas and various historical buildings.
Thus, the National Institute of Anthropology and History has participated in these initiatives along with the National Park Service, the Universities of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, as well as NGOs and various community associations that have joined the commitment to the recovery of knowledge and traditional assets of earth architecture. 
In this 2018, the program of the Workshop has also focused on terrestrial technologies and construction typologies shared between Mexico and the United States, to establish concrete actions to rescue and conserve this heritage; so the invited Universities play a fundamental role in the training of new professionals with these approaches.
There is also the participation of renowned specialists from INAH such as the architect Antonio Guerrero Arzaga, the restorer Haydee Orea, the anthropologist José Luis Perea, as well as Dr. Luis Fernando Guerrero Baca from the Autonomous Metropolitan University in Mexico City. and Jake Barrow of Cornerstones Community Associations and other INAH Sonora experts.
The introductory workshop on land construction, the general characteristics of the materials, deterioration mechanisms and traditional and current restoration techniques, offered by INAH specialists, stands out in this edition of TICRAT.
The conferences will be held in the Historic Preservation postgraduate building of the University of New Mexico, while practical activities will be held in the Pecos National Park for three days.