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School of Architecture + Planning

iD+Pi Faculty members to present at 2018 Creative Placemaking Leadership Summit, Southwest

February 12, 2018

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UNM iD+Pi faculty members, Michaela Shirley and Ted Jojola will present at the 2018 Creative  Placemaking Leadership Summit, Southwest in April. The presentation will cover Zuni Pueblo Artwalk, a project by UNM iD+Pi. Shirley and Jojola will be joined by Zuni Pueblo community members Evalena Boone and Jeff Shetima. 

This session will showcase the lessons learned through community engagement and the role that culture and identity plays in arts resiliency.  The presenters will draw on four+ years of working in the Pueblo of Zuni through various iterations of planning and development.  The process began in 2013 with a Zuni MainStreet program (the first and only national project of this type awarded to a tribe) which was followed in 2015 with an America Artplace grant.  Its third iteration will begin in 2018 with a NEA Our Town grant.  The common denominator throughout all these grant cycles is to engage Zuni artists in how they can inform the design and planning of a MainStreet that builds upon and protects the cultural assets of the community.

2018 CPL Summit, Southwest:  April 6-7, University of Denver, Colorado.