Summer at the School of Architecture and Planning

June 28, 2015

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Summer is heating up, but it hasn't slowed down operations at UNM's School of Architecture and Planning; this summer, SA•P students are learning architecture around the world in classes as well as away in Silver City, Mexico City, Ecuador, and Berlin.

Plata [Silver] Studio

Silver Studio

Led by professors Tim Castillo and John Quale, students of the Masters of Architecture Program have been exploring Silver City in New Mexico. They have been engaged with the city eating great food, meeting with locals, and of course, discovering the culture and architecture of the city.

Follow the Plata [Silver] Studio at their website: you can view their activity and progress over the past two weeks and follow the rest of their summer. We wish the best of luck to all the students and professors in Silver City!

Mexico City Studio

Mexico City

The Mexico City Studio is a collaboration with University of Houston's School of Architecture and Planning, led by Professor Rafael Longoria.

A group of six graduate students from SA•P are being lead by Professor Michaele Pride and Dean Geraldine Forbes Isais. Students are getting the opportunity to discover the culture and history of Mexico by exploring the city, and its colonial cities: Puebla, Tlaxcala, Queretaro, San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato.

Follow the students in Mexico City on their Facebook page and see what they are up to during their stay!

Southwest Summer Institute

Southwest Summer Institute

The Southwest Summer Institute is in full swing with the completion of the first two classes: "Eating New Mexico: Agriculture, Food & Community Development" and "Preservation and Design in Community Development."

The final class will be taking its stage this week from June 22 until June 27. We'd like to congratulate instructors Sarah Wentzel-Fisher and Shawn Evans for successful starts and welcome Tim Castillo, Fred Gibbs, and Adriane Zacmanidis in leading the next class "New Methods in Digital Archiving: The Plazas of New Mexico."

Click here for more information about the Southwest Summer Institute!

Ecuador iTown Design Studio

Ecuador Flight

Ecuador iTown Design Studio is just starting! The day began with a domestic flight from Quito to Cuenca. During the hour-long flight, the world's largest snow-capped mountain, Cotopoxi, can be seen, as well as a circled rainbow, a beautiful verdant green valley of Cuenca, and students/faculty ferrying off the plane in Cuenca. The group is headed to Canar, which is an hour's bus ride north. Students and faculty are all thrilled about who will we meet and work with. Just about two weeks remain until the return, so look forward to plenty of photos and stories to be shared. Keep up with #iDPi adventures on Facebook!


Berlin: Architecture for Justice

With a lot of summer fun nearing the finish, other adventures are yet to begin. A mixed group of students ranging from architecture majors to political science majors will embark on a journey to Berlin, Germany starting July 1st. The month-long expedition can be followed via Facebook.

Let's wish them the best of luck, as well as the rest of SA•P students and faculty as they work towards the finish line! Good luck!