Mobile Lab

Mobile Makers Lab Express

The School of Architecture in collaboration with the Air Force Research Lab and New Mexico Tech developed the Mobile Makers Lab Express.  The mobile lab is intended to bring STEM technologies to schools in underserved communities in the rural regions of the state of New Mexico.  The mobile lab was designed and fabricated by students at the School of Architecture + Planning in early 2019.  

The lab showcases new methodologies in digital fabrication techniques and is intended to inspire the youth of New Mexico to consider new opportunities in STEM related fields. 


Tim Castillo

Steve Mora

Design Team:
Tim Castillo [Associate Professor]
Steve Mora [Visiting Assistant Professor]

Carlos Martinez 
Keenan David Boliek-Poling 
Kurt Mccurdy 
Eric Scott Santti 
Wesley Eccles 
Siavash Rezaei