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Tour Information

The City of Albuquerque Planning and Cultural Services Departments are pleased to announce The Railyard Fictions tour at the Rail Yards, a special creative opportunity to allow approved participants limited access to the Albuquerque Rail Yards campus for the purposes of finding inspiration for writing short fictions on the future of the historic, industrial cathedral-style architectural space of the late 1800’s.

As the City of Albuquerque begins remediation and the next phases of development of the historic locomotive machine shops and other components of the site, approved participants will be allowed to come to the site on January 25, 2020, to photograph, sketch, draw, paint, capture artistic video, or other media within certain interior and exterior spaces in and around the Rail Yards complex in order to inspire their written work. While much of the site is in disrepair and access is restricted to approved areas, the grand views, light, and shadows of the buildings are compositional and inspirational sources that have rarely been accessed by individual artists in the past decade.

Up to 25 artists will be allowed to visit the rail yard during each of the time slots on January 25th  9-10am or  2-3 pm. A total of 50 artists will be eligible to participate. All artists over the age of 18 are invited to apply. Interested parties should contact to sign up for the tour or fill out the online registration form

The available rail yard areas, structural accessibility restrictions, required clothing and safety apparel, and liability and licensing waiver shall be distributed via email.

Participants may bring documentation equipment such as cameras, tripods and other artists’ equipment and supplies but everything must be portable, able to be hauled by the selected participants only, and be completely removed at the end of the designated timeslots. Artist’s helpers or members of the public are not permitted due to site restrictions. Artists may bring personal snacks and beverages. Clean restroom facilities are on site. The City of Albuquerque will not provide security for individuals’ equipment or supplies. Site security will be on hand to assist with safety and compliance of access restrictions.

Questions should be directed to Beca Alderete at or 505-768-3845.



Please print, sign and bring to assigned tour date.