Architecture Chair Search

Meet the Search Committee

Photo of Nora Wendl

Nora Wendl, Chair

Nora Wendl is an Associate Professor of Architecture at SA+P, the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies in Architecture, and the Special Assistant to the Dean for External Affairs. She is the Executive Editor-Designate of the Journal of Architectural Education ( JAE). As a writer, artist, architect, and scholar, her interdisciplinary work focuses on performative modes of architectural historiography. Wendl is co-editor of Contemporary Art About Architecture, and her work has been widely published, including in journals such as: Architecture and Culture: Journal of the Architectural Humanities Research Association, Offramp, On Site: Review, Studies in the History of Gardens and Designed Landscapes, and Thresholds. Her research has been supported by institutions including the Graham Foundation, Santa Fe Art Institute, and the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Her current project, in collaboration with Scott Mehaffey and Rob Kleinschmidt, Edith Farnsworth, Reconsidered in on view at the Farnsworth House through December 2021 and has been widely reviewed, most recently in the Chicago Tribune and Architectural Record. She has presented, performed, exhibited, and held residencies in numerous national and international venues, including the Biennale Sessions at La Biennale di Venezia 2014 and the Tin House Writers Workshop 2017. Wendl received her B.Arch and M.Arch degrees from Iowa State University.

Photo of Tamarah Begay

Tamarah Begay

Tamarah Begay, AIA, is the CEO/President of Indigenous Design Studio + Architecture, LLC, a firm that works predominantly with Native American tribes. She is a member of the Navajo Nation, and she was raised near Gallup, New Mexico. An alumnus of the SA+P, where she received her B.Arch and M.Arch degrees, Tamarah continues to teach in the Architecture Department, including on occasion a course she created (likely the first of its kind) called, Navajo Design + Planning. At UNM, she was founding member of the Student Chapter of the American Indian Council of Architects and Engineers (AICA+E). Begay is a member of the United States Green Building Council, and in 2012 she served on the AIA National Diversity Council.

Photo of Jamie Blosser

Jamie Blosser

Jamie Blosser, AIA, is the Executive Director of the Santa Fe Art Institute. She has based her practice on issues of equity, resilience, and participatory processes. Jamie completed a Loeb Fellowship in 2015 at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and served as an AIA delegate for the UN Habitat III convening in Quito, Ecuador, in October 2016. She was the Director of the Santa Fe office of Atkin Olshin Schade Architects (AOS) for 10 years. Her community design work with Ohkay Owingeh, a Pueblo tribe in Northern New Mexico, led to the revitalization of their historic plaza area. Her design work has appeared in several magazines and books. She received her M.Arch degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Photo of Lisa DeMar

Lisa DeMar

Lisa DeMar is currently completing her M.Arch degree at the SA+P, where she also received her BA in Architecture, and where she was recently appointed as the School’s New Alumni Liaison. She is a member of the Tau Sigma Delta Honor Society and the AIAS, and as an undergraduate student, a recipient of the Presidential Scholarship (4 years). In her community engagement work, she has served as a Board Member of the Friends of the Corrales Library and a Member of Young Alumni Committee for the Sandia Preparatory School. In 2014, she was a winner of the AIAS Relieving Home Competition, which was sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Photo of Susan Frye

Susan Frye

Susan Frye is a Lecturer III in Landscape Architecture, where she serves as the department’s Associate Chair. She is co-owner of Lee Gamelsky Architects PC and works in the fields of Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, and Fine Arts. Her interest in the creative design process informs her pedagogy and supports the strong focus on design within the department and the school. Susan has been recognized for her installation and built projects, including the “Heart of the City,” a collaboration between UNM SA+P and CityLab, and the “Foxes in the Garden,” (with Katya Crawford) a design for the Chaumont-sur-Loire International Garden Festival, France. She received her BFA from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design and her MLA degree from UNM.

Photo of Moises Gonzales

Moises Gonzales

Moises Gonzales is an Associate Professor of Community and Regional Planning, where he serves as the department’s Associate Chair, and the Director of the Resource Center for Raza Planning (RCRP). He also serves on the Architecture Department’s committee overseeing the MS Architecture Historic Preservation & Regionalism area of focus. His research and courses also focus on studies in Indigenous Design and Planning, Informal Settlements, Southwest Urbanism, and Urban and Chicanx Design. His recent book, Nación Genízara: Ethnogenesis, Place, and Identity in New Mexico, co-edited with Enrique R. Lamadrid, is a Second Place Winner of the 2020 International Latino Book Award for Best History Book. In 2007, Moises was a recipient of a Loeb Fellowship at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. He is the previous owner of Chimal Designs, a non-profit working with low-income communities of color, and he is the former Executive Director and founder of the Mexicano Land Education and Conservation Trust. Moises was trained as an urban designer and he received an MA in Urban Planning from the University of Colorado at Denver.

Photo of Cesar Adrian Lopez

Cesar Adrian Lopez

Cesar Adrian Lopez is an Assistant Professor of Architecture at the SA+P, where he also serves as the School’s Director of Recruitment and the MS Architecture Chair for the Culture, Politics, and the Built Environment area of focus. His mode of practice straddles design and research to explore the entanglements between architecture and territory and the politics that dictate them, ultimately representing marginalized populations and environments. He is an Associate at The Open Workshop, where he has been a leading designer on a number of widely published projects and installations such as New Investigations in Collective Form and the forthcoming Commoning Domesticity at the 17 th Venice Biennale (May 2021). His writings, drawings, and research have been published in Bracket [Takes Action], Momentum Magazine, Places Journal, and the Art Journal. Cesar received his BS.Arch at Texas Tech University-El Paso and his M.Arch at California College for the Arts (CCA).

Photo of Theresa Lopez

Theresa Lopez

Theresa is the Administrative Assistant III for the Architecture Department and a UNM alumni, having received degrees in History and Writing. Her educational experience also includes Applied Science and Accounting. In 2018, she was awarded the Outstanding Staff Award by the Provost Committee. At UNM, she has experience working with multiple departments and she previously served as Program Coordinator for the College of Arts & Sciences in various sponsored research projects. At SA+P, she works closely with the Chair of Architecture, the two Associate Chairs of Architecture, and the two Senior Academic Advisors.

Photo of Michaele Pride

Michaele Pride

Michaele Pride, Associate AIA, NOMA, is a Professor of Architecture at SA+P, where she is the Associate Chair of Undergraduate Studies, the Director of the Design and Planning Assistance Center (DPAC)—the second oldest community design center in the country, and the MS Architecture Chair for the Public Health and the Built Environment area of focus. Through DPAC, Michaele has led community-based projects, including several for NM Mainstreet communities, The Stories of Route 66: The International District (a plan for a new community space in Albuquerque), and a project currently underway for the redesign and planning of the Santa Fe Midtown Campus. She is a core member of the HIVE Collaborative, a cross-campus community initiative to address adverse determinants of health. After the 1992 civil unrest in Los Angeles, Michael helped found the Design Professionals’ Coalition, offering assistance to neglected communities in South LA. In 1996, she left private practice to become the inaugural Director of the Downtown Design Center at the University of Kentucky. Prior to UNM, she was at the University of Cincinnati, where she served as Director of the School of Architecture and Interior Design from 2003-2009. Michaele was recently appointed to the National Architectural Accreditation Board (NAAB), and she has served on national and international design juries, including design competitions for the Oklahoma City Memorial, the new U.S. Embassy in London, and the proposed Bridge Park in central Washington, D.C. She received her B.Arch from Arizona State University, and her Masters in Urban Design from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design.

Photo of Benjamin River

Benjamin River

Benjamin River (he/him) is a fourth-year undergraduate student at the SA+P. He is enrolled in the Bachelors of Arts in Architecture, Pre-Professional concentration with parallel interests in fabrication, equitable space, and mathematics.  In addition to his studies and work as a freelance draftsperson, Benjamin has built community at UNM in his capacity as a Resident Advisor. He has also represented the School as a SA+P Ambassador, and he has served on the phones at the Agora Crisis Center on campus. He believes that “when the built environment ‘shows up’ as both citizen and story-teller, the architecture both makes space for (and encourages) its audience to do the same.” A sample of his work may be viewed via Adobe Portfolio at:

Photo of Diane Torres-Velasquez

Diane Torres-Velasquez

Diane Torres-Velásquez is Associate Professor in the College of Education and Human Sciences at the University of New Mexico. Her primary affiliation is in Secondary Education in the department of Teacher Education, Education Leadership and Policy (TEELP). Her Ph.D. is in special education with an emphasis on bilingual and multicultural student populations. She is Affiliated Faculty with Chicana and Chicano Studies. Her research and teaching interests include: architecture, design, and education; public education and the law; Latina/o/x Education; Feminist Prison Literacy; STEAM and Scientific Literacy; and Identity and Raza Studies. In Fall 2010, she was appointed the Hispanic Education Liaison in the New Mexico Public Education Department, where she wrote the first Hispanic Education Status Report for grades PreK-20. She serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Hispanic Higher Education. In her community work, she serves as President of the Latino Education Task Force, the organization that created the Hispanic Education Act and the  Martínez v. State of New Mexico public education lawsuit. Diane is currently working with Dr. Anne Taylor with the School Zone Institute and she recently co-taught Design Education Workshops across the School of Architecture, the College of Education, and Art Education.