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Distinguished Alumni

The Distinguished Alumni award recognizes graduates of the UNM SA•P who have made significant contributions to their profession and their community.  It is given annually to a person who has demonstrated creativity, leadership and vision.  Each person selected has noteworthy accomplishments in his or her professional, academic, artistic life, and may include service to the University of New Mexico. The award is presented in the fall of each year at the School’s Honors and Awards Convocation.

Karen Alarid
2014/15: Karen Alarid
Travis Price
2009: Travis Price
Tom Schoeman
2007: Tom Schoeman
Laurie Moye
2006: Laurie Moye
Photo Unavailable
2005: Van H. Gilbert
Photo Unavailable
2004: George Radnovich
Photo Unavailable
2003: Jim Long
Bob Campbell
2002: Bob Campbell
Lou Weller
2000: Lou Weller
Photo Unavailable
1999: Lynnwood Brown
Photo Unavailable
1998: Paul McHenry, Jr.
Photo Unavailable
1997: Gene and Dorothy Dyer
Photo Unavailable
1996: Min Kantrowitz
Photo Unavailable
1995: Marsha McMurray-Avila
Photo Unavailable
1994: Ron Peters
Photo Unavailable
1994: William Burns