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School of Architecture + Planning

Photo: Kuppaswamy Iyengar

Kuppaswamy Iyengar

  • Professor

/ 505.277.5471


  • Master of. Architecture, University of California, Los Angeles
  • BE, Civil/Structural Engineering, The Institution of Engineers, India


  • Sustainable Architecture
  • Architectural Structures

Currently Kuppaswamy Iyengar is a Professor of Architecture, and former Associate Professpr & Regents Lecturer in the architecture program of the University of New Mexico.  Mr. Iyengar has also served 18 years as an adjunct Associate Professor at UCLA as well as in various capacities at the school of architecture and planning at UNM for the last 17 years. He is serving as a member or chair in several University committees. Professor Iyengar is an experienced, highly skilled teacher and a technical consultant for the past 57 years.   He combines his degrees in civil and structural engineering and architecture with a wealth of practical experience in these fields.   He also brings to his students and the community the benefits of an ongoing sub-specialty in sustainability, emphasizing optimized techniques for architectural structures and design and resource responsibility.    In addition to developing academic courses of study, he has designed and presented over 50 seminars in professional settings, bringing his expertise to scores of students in academic, governmental, and commercial settings in India, Barbados, USA, England, Canada, Australia, Philippines and Thailand.  

He recently (2015) published a book Sustainable Architectural Design by Routledge, NY


ARCH 332 - Structures I (Spring)

ARCH 381 - Structures I (Spring)

ARCH 382 - Structures II (Fall)

ARCH 402 - Design Studio (Spring)

ARCH 412 - Sustainable Architectural design (Fall)

ARCH 431 - Structures II (Fall)

ARCH 432 - Building Systems (Spring)

ARCH 481 - Structure & Form (Spring)


ARCH 512 - Sustainable Architectural design (Fall)

ARCH 533 - Structures II (Fall)

ARCH 532 - Structures I (Spring)

ARCH 534 - Building Systems (Spring)

ARCH 581 - Structure & Form (Spring)

ARCH 587 - Environmental controls II Fall)

Sustainable Architectural Design, Routledge NY,  2015



13 years in civil, structural & architectural practice in India & Barbados

36 years in Energy, sustainable design issues & architectural design

Program Design in Practice and Research

Program design for energy efficiency: 14 Utilities in the US and abroad.

Conducted over 50 energy training seminars worldwide

Assisted in creating Efficient Electricity Use handbook

Energy efficiency in 53 hospitals and 65 schools and over 30 industries.

Developed energy efficiency master plan for 2 major Universities

Organized 3 International and 2 National energy conferences in the US.

Expertise in energy services performance contracting (ESCO)

Facilitated over 11 Partnering sessions to major clients

Designed and construction managed 8 scientific research facilities, 11 commercial banks, 19 factories, 7 theaters, and over 40 residences.

Regents Lecturer