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School of Architecture + Planning

Photo: Kramer E.  Woodard

Kramer E. Woodard

  • Professor

/ 505.277.2903


  • MS Architecture, Columbia University
  • BA Architecture, University of New Mexico


  • Architectural Design
  • Prefabricated Building Systems
  • Alternative Energy Systems
  • Music + Film

Professor Woodard's Visual Portfolio

Since 1988, Kramer E Woodard Architect has practiced architecture in Albuquerque while simultaneously teaching at the University of New Mexico School of Architecture & Planning. He is also the creator and principal designer of S3, a prefabricated building systems corporation as well as Ar-Id Instruments, a musical instrument company.

The founding principles that guide his practice are based on the examination of site as defined by the various complex forces that inform and define the design process in the determination of form and space. Exploring architectural space through archetypal forms, the work has a strong connection to its landscape, as he defines it, “an all encompassing set of values associated with the building site, be it urban, suburban, rural, or wilderness”. Specifically, much of his work uses three archetypal forms to create spatial components, the court, tower and bridge. “The intention behind using these forms is to enable inhabitants to recall familiar spatial relationships seated in the unconscious, and related to life experiences so as to create a connection between the built environment and movement through space. Natural phenomena parallels this desire to make one more aware of their surroundings, thus completing the connection to an on going understanding of life in its most simple relation to the complexities of form and space”. Woodard’s architecture ranges in scope and scale, and is comprised of buildings and projects in various parts of the U.S. and abroad.

Kramer Woodard began his career working as a designer and draftsman for various architects in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Notable was his tutelage under John McHugh, who was responsible for the design of the first two Santa Fe Opera houses and who had apprenticed under John Gaw Meem in the 1950s. Obtaining a bachelor of arts in architecture in 1984, from the University of New Mexico, he began work for Antoine Predock on several major projects, including the Nelson Fine Arts Center in Tempe Arizona and The Lied Discovery Children’s Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada. Woodard subsequently attended Washington University in St. Louis and completing his master’s at Columbia University’s School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation in 1988. That year, he began teaching at the University of New Mexico’s School of Architecture and Planning, and launched Kramer E. Woodard Architects. In 2001, he collaborated with Steven Holl Architects on various projects including the Turbulence House, in Abiquiu, New Mexico. In 2008, he founded S3, a prefabricated building system company based upon a design innovation he developed on principles of sustainability. He holds a U.S. patent on this prefabricated building system as well as several patents pending for various supporting energy related designs for the building system. Woodard has lectured throughout the U.S. and has held teaching positions at The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia, Columbia University, Rice University, (Cullinan Chair, 2000),University of Texas at Austin, (McDermott Chair, 2000), and The Pratt Institute.


ARCH 505 - Masters Architectural Design (Spring 2017)

ARCH 501 - Masters Architectural Design (Fall 2017)

ARCH 662 - Vienna and the California Connection (Spring 2016)

ARCH 602 - Masters Architectural Design II (Fall 2016)

ARCH 662 - Architecture , Invention & Fabrication (Fall 2016)


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See K.E.W. Architects for a partial list of projects


Design Lab Santa Fe, 1st Prize for Prefab Penthouse 2012

The Jeff Harnar Award for Contemporary Architecture 2009

American Institute of Architects (NM) “HighBridge”, Honor Award 1999

American Institute of Architects (NM) “Villa Untitled”, Merit Award 1999

American Society of Landscape Architects (NM) Ideas Afloat Competition, New Rochelle, NY, First Prize 1997

PA Awards Architecture Magazine “Villa Untitled” Citation 1997

University of New Mexico Outstanding Faculty Award, 1996

Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture Design Award, 1996

The Boston Society of Architects Un-built Architecture Awards “Villa Untitled” Citation 1995

The Architecture League of New York, Young Architects Award 1994