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Scholarships + Employment

Faculty Nominated Scholarships

The CRP Program has a number of scholarships awarded annually by the faculty to exemplary students in a variety of categories.  The CRP faculty awards these scholarships in late spring or over the summer based on outstanding academic achievement.

Graduate Scholarships

NM 3% Scholarships

New Mexico 3% Scholarships are tuition awards available for full time students who are New Mexico residents with demonstrable financial need.  They are offered for one year to new graduate students.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • FAFSA shows unmet need
  • NM resident
  • Have not been offered an assistantship
  • Admitted to graduate program (this includes having submitted a UNM Application for Graduate Admission with the $50 fee, in addition to having being admitted by a particular graduate degree program at UNM)
  • 9-hour enrollment each semester of first year in graduate program

For more information about the NM 3% Scholarship, visit the Office of Graduate Studies website

Other Scholarships

Other scholarships are offered through the UNM Office of Graduate Studies  and the UNM Financial Aid Office.

Assistantships (Graduate Students)

Prospective Graduate Students: If you are applying to the MCRP Program and are interested in being considered for a Project Assistantship, pending admission to the graduate program, please include a completed Project Assistantship application (linked below) with your MCRP application materials.

Funding for assistantships varies from year to year based on program budget. Types of assistantships offered in the CRP Program are:

  • Project Assistantships – Project Assistantships in the CRP Program entail 10 hours of work per week for a Program faculty member at $12.00 per hour. To apply, submit a completed Project Assistantship application and its attachments along with your application to the MCRP program. If you are already enrolled in the program, you may submit your materials to the CRP Program Administrative Assistant in room #119 in George Pearl Hall; (505) 277-5050.

  • Graduate Assistantships – Availability of Graduate Assistantships in the CRP Program may vary from year to year.  Contact the faculty member listed for each course below regarding how to be considered for a GA position.  GA-ships typically are assigned to returning MCRP students.  CRP classes that typically employ a GA are:
    • Fall
      • CRP 165 Community and Regional Planning, Introduction (Contact Professor Ric Richardson)
      • CRP 181 [Online] Introduction to Environmental Problems (Contact Professor Bill Fleming)
      • CRP 265 Sustainable Community Planning Methods (Contact Professor Ric Richardson)
      • CRP 580 Community Growth and Land Use Planning (Contact Professor Ric Richardson)
    • Spring
      • CRP 181 Introduction to Environmental Problems (Contact Professor Bill Fleming)
      • CRP 433/533 Foundations of Physical Planning (Contact Professor Moises Gonzales)
      • CRP 483/583 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (Contact Professor Moises Gonzales)
      • CRP 511 Analytical Methods for Planning (Contact Professor Caroline Scruggs)
  • Research Assistantships – Research assistantships periodically are offered by the CRP Program through funded research projects. Any available RA positions will be listed here.
  • Teaching Assistantships – Availability of Teaching Assistantships in the CRP Program varies from year to year.  The CRP Program may employ TAs for the following classes:  CRP 165 (online version) and CRP 165 (during fall intersession).  Contact CRP Program Director Ric Richardson (505.277.6460, regarding how to be considered for a TA position.

For all types of assistantships offered in the CRP Program, non-NM residents will be granted the non-resident tuition waiver and will pay resident tuition rates during the semester(s) in which an assistantship is held.

For detailed information about assistantships, including student health insurance coverage, eligibility, and policy for the administration of assistantships, please visit the UNM Office of Graduate Studies Assistantships homepage.

UNM Jobs System

Both undergraduate and graduate students may apply for jobs on campus through the UNM Jobs System. To do so, create an application here. You also may access this link by clicking on "Job Seekers" on the UNM Homepage. Once you have created a UNM Jobs Employment Application and saved it, you may apply for available positions in the School of Architecture & Planning or elsewhere on campus.